Your organization’s success starts with your people. Our 5-facet approach will give your people the skills to drive sustainability.

Sustainability is a struggle all companies face at one time or another, and chances are you’ve found yourself in a difficult situation regarding asset management or reliability. The best way to sustain these efforts long-term is through people.

For some companies, that may require a culture change, while others may need to start with an assessment of the organization’s structure. Regardless of where you begin, creating a sustainable model requires your people to have the right skills, mindset and knowledge. The Plant Hexcellence model, based on adaptability, applies the “Fit for Purpose” philosophy and methodology to all facets of the People cell, and serves as a backbone for sustained change within your organization.

People Facets include:

    • Organizational Structure
    • Organizational Development
      • Mission / Vision
      • Assessment / Training
    • Change Management
    • Continuous Improvement
      • Sustaining Philosophy
    • OpEx Strategies
      • Lean
      • TPM
      • 5s / 6s
      • Six Sigma
      • Self-Empowered Work Teams

Plant Hexcellence drives culture change. People drive sustainability.

Scott is a purist at heart. Passionate about his field, he cares about the performance of the services delivered to his clients. Pride, honesty and integrity! It’s been a real pleasure to work alongside Scott.

Francois Dusablon

Account Manager, Mining Solutions, ABB, Inc.

The Cells

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