Many organizations strive for asset management, only to struggle and fail. They engage at a tactical level, never having a vision of the end result. It is not uncommon to see an organization spend 2 or 3 times what is required to instill Asset Management because they either keep starting over, never making any sustained progress, or by not taking advantage of the synergies that come with a methodical, well-defined approach.

As a foundation to creating a sustained Asset Management as a culture, there must exist a model or vision. GeoMetric Reliability LLC has developed a unique concept of an Asset Management model and methodology that is flexible, accommodating all levels of sophistication and business drivers, while being cost effective in that it is specific to that company and “Fit for Purpose.” The method uses a combination of geometric figures and colors to enhance the retention of the information and facets contained in each cell. The more information about the model that can be comprehended and retained at all levels within the organization will speed the implementation and culture change while ensuring the initiative is sustainable.

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Scott Kelley, Principal of GeoMetric Reliability

Scott Kelley Managing Director / Principal




Scott is highly detailed and dedicated to improving business culture and operations. As a continuous improvement professional, I can tell you that his approach and methodology of Plant Hexcellence is the most comprehensive that I have seen, and will provide any organization the tools to actually achieve and sustain a continuous improvement culture.

Rick Capps

Continuous Improvement Manager, Graham Packaging Company