Scott is a multi-talented, disciplined professional with whom I’ve had the honor of working on numerous projects for the SMRP. I found his ideas stimulating and on the cutting edge of advanced thinking in the fields of predictive maintenance, asset management, and many other subjects.

Jack Nicholas

Maintenance Reliability Expert & Author

Scott is a purist at heart. Passionate about his field, he cares about the performance of the services delivered to his clients. Pride, honesty and integrity! It’s been a real pleasure to work alongside Scott.

Francois Dusablon

Account Manager, Mining Solutions, ABB, Inc.

“I have known Scott Kelley for over 12 years. When we met, I worked at a national bulk packaging and processing company where I worked was investigating methods of improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through improved operational availability and reliability of equipment.

Scott’s knowledge of maintenance processes and challenges was immediately apparent. Over the course of working with us for several months, I came to further appreciate the breadth and depth of his expertise in the field of Reliability Centered Maintenance.

Scott has used his extensive knowledge and experience to form GeoMetric Reliability Consulting, LLC and develop the Plant HEXcellence Model for Asset Management. The Plant HEXcellence Model forms a framework for achieving gains in reliability of assets, including plant equipment and manufacturing tools.

Most recently, Scott Kelley teamed with Ken Peoples, Maintenance Manager at Integrated Defense Systems’ Boeing Wichita Division, to present a seminar on RCM to members and guests of OPMUG. Seminar attendee reviews were among the most positive in the 20+ year history of OPMUG.”

Rocky Rutter

Predictive Inspection & Imaging, LLC